Another year of Coachella is upon us, and what’s one thing we’ve learned over the years?

Camping with our friends is the best way to do it! Not only are you surrounded by loved ones, but also the new connections you make along the way make it well worth the extra effort. Hotels are great for relaxing in, but you’re still missing the sense of community and friendship that campers are getting. So where’s the happy medium between roughing it and still being social?

Off-site RV Camping!

Since RV’s are not currently allowed onto the campgrounds, you may have noticed campers building mini RV’s out of their personal vehicles. While their effort is applaudable, why not just take advantage of Coachella’s off-site camping options and save yourself time, money, and effort? You still get to stay with your friends, have all the amenities of a hotel, and many other advantages all for half the cost!

If you’re still not convinced, here’s our top 10 reasons why RV camping for Coachella is crucial to the optimal Coachella experience:


1) Don’t Glamp – RVamp

Costs for glamping are in the thousands at Coachella. Why pay that price when you can create it yourself for far less with an RV rental? RV Rentals at Caravana go for a few hundred and shuttles run from various RV campgrounds to the festival all day making it easier than ever to get the full experience without the extra hassles that come with camping on site.


2) Temperature Control

If you’ve camped at Coachella, you know how vast the temperature can drastically change between night and day and maybe you could bear it when you were younger, but having an RV with AC provides an extra layer of protection and is absolutely the way to go for a pleasant camping experience.


3)  Easy Set Up / Pack Out

Imagine not having to worry about getting to your car lot early to set up and not having to battle exhaustion in the heat packing it up.  Not only will an RV prevent trash from flying away, but getting in and out is as simple as starting up the vehicle and driving off. This is the difference between first time attendees and Coachella pro’s.


4)  24/7 Electricity

Every RV comes with a generator, allowing us to charge our phones, cameras, sound systems, and much much more at any point throughout the weekend as we please. Forget external batteries (unless for inside the venue), you have endless supply of energy to help you document all the memories for years to come that tents simply cannot support.


5) Added Security

You’ve graduated past the mayhem that is the immediate campsite of the coachella grounds. You trust yourself and your close friends to enjoy and respect a more peaceful and collected camping experience while the safety of your belongings is never a concern in your mind.  Having security of your belongings will lighten the mental stresses of your weekends.

Photo Credit: Photo by Jason Agron
Galore X Miss guided: F$#% Fab Pool Party, Palm Springs 2016

6) Extra Amenities

Roughing it at a festival is part of the experience, but a little extra support could be what you need if you’re pushing it. Most off site camping locations include late night swimming pools, jacuzzis, continental breakfast, Wi-Fi, real bathrooms with showers, and rentals for items you might have forgotten. Plus with shuttles running through certain locations, it really doesn’t get much better than that.


7) No Dirt / Dust

Keep yourself, your personal items, and your car as clean as if you never attended when you store them in an RV instead of car camping.  As most veterans know, dust gets absolutely everywhere at the festival and you don’t need added exposure to it while you are sleeping. This factor can greatly improve your festival experience when you are able to breathe clearly and allergy free all weekend long.


8)  Avoid Traffic

Say goodbye to the long lines to enter and exit the festival. No longer will you have to adjust your schedule around the unavoidable experience of waiting your turn to leave. Being located a few miles away from the venue will allow you much more flexibility in deciding your convenient times to arrive and leave the festival with no added stress of time constraints.


9) Food & Drink Storage

Most RV’s come with light refrigeration storage space and microwaves. This perk is self explanatory but being able to keep cool drinks and food on hand all weekend is going to really be a lifesaver when your body decides it needs to refuel and reenergize. Even better, having cold beers to grab while you enjoy the outdoors of indio will be the extra touch to this desert camping experience.


10) Privacy

If you are going with a group as a couple, an RV might be the best way for you to share your trip with friends while also having the added privacy of your own space with your significant other.  RV camping truly allows you to have the best of both worlds without sacrificing the privacy you may desire during your festival weekend.


11) Storage Space

The best part about RV camping is you don’t even have to sleep in it if you prefer the experience of camping in the desert. RV’s at their minimal functionality can provide as a walk in locker for you and your friend’s items while you sleep under the stars together after building your own glamping fort.