This year, Valentine’s day lands on a hump day, and while most of you may have long retired from weeknight adventures, this provides you the unique flexibility to split up your holiday celebration over the course of 2 weekends.  This type of opportunity can mean only 1 thing: time to finally take that weekend adventure with your loved one that you’ve been dreaming about for months. Although February isn’t the ideal time for camping, the beauty of RV camping is the extra layer of protection from the cold, the wet, and wildlife it provides.


Best part is no matter where you are located in California, there is an abundance of special and unforgettable places to live out your fantasy of selling your stuff, building a tiny house, and moving to the middle of nowhere with your other half. Here’s our list of hot spots to take your S.O. up and down the state of California:


1. Joshua Tree. 

Most people who visit this park are quick to fall in love with it. And just in case the park itself isn’t enough, building a campfire, stargazing, taking a sunrise hike, and checking out all the sights with your loved one is sure provide a visually perfect weekend. For more southern folk, Anza Borrego desert has a multitude of desert art installations to spend the day four wheel driving around to.


2. Torrey Pines State Beach

If the desert isn’t your calling, falling asleep to the sound of the ocean and hiking barefoot along the beach is never a bad idea, especially in sunny San Diego. RV parking is allowed inside and outside the park along the strip. The trails at Torrey Pines reserve, late night walks along the beach, and wine bars in Del Mar should provide the perfect blend of isolation and civilization.


3. Morro Bay

There are numerous RV destinations in central California / Cal Poly / Santa Barbara coast including Le Sage Riviera RV Park, Port San Luis RV Campground, Pismo Beach, Oceano and Morro Bay. Activities here can range from Dune Buggying, boating, and long drives down the beach. Beautiful rock formations and natural caves can be found all along this coastline allowing for a number of seaside hikes and explorations for your inner adventurer.


4. Yosemite

Another option for more central / northern California folk is the undisputed beauty of Yosemite National Park. While it is more of a drive, Yosemite should be completely worth it providing breathtaking scenery and the ultimate cozy weekend spent in one of nature’s most glorious creations on earth. For more information on RV camping locations click here.


5. Idlewild

It’s not all just deserts and beaches in Southern California. Idlewild will be the closest to a forest camping experience without all the icy winding roads associated with most northern locations. Eat lunch at Lake Hemet or hike around the numerous sights lined lightly with snow to provide perfect mix of winter cold with California warmth. With a number of RV campsites to choose from, Idlewild is about a 3 hour drive from both Los Angeles and San Diego allowing you the most time to spend together for the holiday weekend.

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